We Buy Refurbished Products

MAC Wholesale buys refurbished products. We are interested in ongoing programs to continuously buy your refurbished inventory, or one-time buys to clear out your current stock. It is essential that when you sell your refurbished inventory that you work with a partner that you trust. Selling to MAC Wholesale guarantees that your inventory will be sold into the off-price marketplace properly labeled as refurbished. This protects your brand’s quality perception, and gives you a trusted long term resource for selling your refurbished products.

Whether you are a small, developing manufacturer or a major national brand, refurbished products may become an important part of your product life-cycle. MAC Wholesale specializes in alleviating the pains of refurbished inventory, and can quickly and fairly work with you to finalize a sale to move your refurb stock in one transaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with, and for this reason many of nation’s largest brands have chosen to work with MAC Wholesale on a continuing basis for their refurbished product sales.