We Buy Irregular Goods & B-Stock Merchandise

Irregular goods are an unfortunate but often unavoidable result of the manufacturing process. The degree of irregularity can vary widely – from “slightly irregular” to completely defective. MAC Wholesale is interested in buying all Irregular goods that are functionally salable. These are goods that may have a cosmetic defect, packaging misprint, or something else that does not pass your brand’s 1st quality standard, but does not completely inhibit the functionality of the product (we do not buy defective goods).

When you do have irregular goods which you’d like to sell, it’s very important that you partner with a company that you trust. MAC Wholesale will buy and resell the irregular goods, with appropriate labeling, such as “Slightly Irregular,” “B-Stock”, etc – depending on the situation and agreement which we reach together. This ensures that the goods are not perceived as first quality when they are re-sold, and do not harm the quality perception of your brand.

Whether you are a small, developing manufacturer or a major national brand, irregular goods are a natural (but hopefully infrequent!) byproduct of manufacturing. MAC Wholesale specializes in alleviating the pains of irregular goods, and can quickly and fairly work with you to finalize a sale to move the irregular goods in one transaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with, and for this reason many of nation’s largest brands have chosen to work with MAC Wholesale on a continuing basis for their irregular goods and general closeouts.