We Buy Discontinued Products

MAC Wholesale is a buyer for discontinued products that are considered closeouts or excess inventory. In fact, we only buy discontinued products. The reason for this is because we are a closeout distributor. When we make offers on your inventory, the offers are always take-all offers. What sets MAC Wholesale apart from most other closeout companies is that we’re not brokers – we own and take possession of all of our inventory. As a result, it’s extremely important to us that when we buy a closeout opportunity, we control the market on all of the remaining inventory in the marketplace. This ensures that our customers aren’t seeing our inventory from multiple companies. This is beneficial to MAC Wholesale because our customers know that we own all of the goods we are offering them (rather than brokering the goods, where the sale could ultimately fall through) – but it’s also beneficial to you as the manufacturer, because we are able to sell the goods for the highest price possible. This helps keep the pricing in the marketplace at reasonable levels to protect your brand.

Whether you are a small, developing manufacturer or a major national brand, discontinued products are a natural byproduct of brand growth and product life-cycle. There comes a time when discontinued products become a liability and are no longer worth storing in your warehouse or become financially unhealthy on your books. MAC Wholesale specializes in alleviating the pains of discontinued products, and can quickly and fairly work with you to finalize a sale to move the discontinued products in one transaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with, and for this reason many of nation’s largest brands have chosen to work with MAC Wholesale on a continuing basis for their discontinued products.