Reasons to Work With Us

  1. We’re NOT Brokers. We Own & Take Possession of Our Inventory

    Our Offers are to BUY your goods and pick them up. We are not pre-selling your inventory out of your warehouse. We ship our customers out of our warehouses. Read more about this important on this topic here.

  2. We’ve been a Trusted Distribution Outlet for Many of the World’s Largest Brands for Over 10 Years!

    We’re in business to develop long-term relationships. We want to be your continued resource for closeouts whenever they occur.

  3. We Buy Take-All Quantities for Immediate Shipment

    No quantity is too large for us! We have the warehouse space, financing, and distribution network to handle up to multi-million dollar buys.

  4. We Buy Out-Of-Season Merchandise

    We have the warehouse space to pick up and hold the inventory until next year’s selling season.

  5. Our Offers are FOB Your Warehouse

    We’ll Pay & Coordinate the Freight – Our Offers are Easy to Analyze.

  6. We’ll Turn your Closeouts & Excess Inventory into CASH!

    Turn your Liabilities back into Assets on Your Books.

  7. We’re Easy to Work With!

    We can issue PO’s the same day we make an offer, and pick up goods right away.