What is “Off-Price” Retail?

Off-price retailers sell merchandise at discount prices. What makes off-price retailing unique is its “treasure hunt” shopping experience. Customers know that the items they see in the store one day may very likely be gone the next day. “Here today, gone tomorrow” is the motto that’s adopted by most off-price retailers.

Not only do many value minded shoppers enjoy the “treasure hunt” experience, but off-price retail is the perfect outlet for manufacturers to sell through their closeouts & excess inventory without disrupting their normal channels of distribution. Since consumers recognize that a brand’s presence in an off-price retailer is temporary, the brand’s image is unaffected over the long term. A consumer won’t be deterred from making normal purchases from a manufacturer’s standard retailers just because the consumer once saw the brand in an off-price retailer. Additionally, off-price retail often makes a positive impact on new customer acquisition for the manufacturer – as customers may be more inclined to try something new at a bargain pricepoint, which they may have not considered otherwise. Often times if the consumer enjoys the product, they will buy other products from the brand at normal pricing from the brand’s normal retailers going forward.

Off-price retail has become one of the fastest growing sectors of retail in the United States, and is becoming increasingly popular internationally. Everybody loves a great deal! When the economy is doing poorly, consumers become more price conscious and look for discounts. When the economy is doing well, consumers have extra income and all sectors of retail thrive¬†(and even then, people still like to “win” a deal!).

If you’re a manufacturer with closeouts or excess inventory to sell, contact me today for an offer on your inventory! Our close relationships with the nation’s top off-price retailers will ensure that your merchandise is distributed with the safe and discreet benefits of the off-price retail channels.

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Matt Miller
Matt Miller
As a buyer for closeouts & excess inventory I'm always looking to buy new inventory. If you've got inventory to sell, please introduce yourself! You can reach me directly at (508) 388-9830 or by filling out the contact form on this page.
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