Quality Classifications Of Closeout Merchandise

In the manufacturing and retail industries, there are many different classifications for the quality of goods.

  1. 1st Quality
    First quality goods are brand new and functionally perfect. They typically come in factory sealed cases.
  2. Slightly Irregular / “Seconds”
    These are goods that may have a small cosmetic defect or mislabeling; however, they are still functionally perfect. They are sold as slightly irregular  or seconds in order to protect the brand’s quality perception (for its first quality goods) by consumers.
  3. Irregular
    Irregular goods have at least one characteristic that is noticably defective. In most cases the irregularity is a cosmetic defect, such as a bleed-through on a fabric or a mislableing.
  4. Shelf Pulls
    Shelf pulls are products that are pulled from retail stores. This happens most frequently with Buy-Back’s. Because shelf pulls have been removed from their original factory cases and because they have been handled in stores and throughout the pulling and shipping process – shelf pulls tend to have worn packaging.
  5. Salvage
    Salvage goods are goods that have been reclaimed after the result of a fire, flood, or other similar  occurence.
  6. Refurbished
    Refurbished products are products that have been repaired by the manufacturer, or a repair center that is authorized by the manufacturer. They have been tested to perform to factory specifications and may or may not have been cosmetically restored to new condition.
  7. Returns
    Returns are products which have been returned to retailers by consumers.
  8. Defective
    Defective goods are non-functional goods.

Although there are many quality classifications to closeouts – the majority of goods that MAC Wholesale buys are 1st Quality Goods, Seconds, Shelf-Pulls, and Refurbished Products.

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Matt Miller
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