Q2 Sales Reminder – We Can Still Pick Up Goods!

To All My Friends in Sales: Just a Reminder – there’s still time for us to buy and pick up goods for the end of Q2! Please let me know if I can help you hit your sales targets.  

The Importance of Packaging in Retail

After the Closeout Sale – Where Do My Goods Go?

Retail Marketplace Update – May 2016

How Much Do Closeout Companies Pay for Inventory?

As a buyer for closeouts & excess inventory, the most common question I’m asked is “how much do you pay for your inventory?” Believe it or not, this is also one of my least favorite questions to answer. The reason is because the answer is complicated! Many closeout buyers are often thought of as “10 […]

Quality Classifications Of Closeout Merchandise

In the manufacturing and retail industries, there are many different classifications for the quality of goods. 1st Quality First quality goods are brand new and functionally perfect. They typically come in factory sealed cases. Slightly Irregular / “Seconds” These are goods that may have a small cosmetic defect or mislabeling; however, they are still functionally […]

What is “Off-Price” Retail?

Off-price retailers sell merchandise at discount prices. What makes off-price retailing unique is its “treasure hunt” shopping experience. Customers know that the items they see in the store one day may very likely be gone the next day. “Here today, gone tomorrow” is the motto that’s adopted by most off-price retailers. Not only do many […]

How to Sell Your Private Label Goods

Private Label goods are products that are manufactured for a specific brand or retailer. Private labeling is becoming increasingly popular for retailers, as many of them are heavily investing in their own brands. This trend is something that seems to fluctuate over time – retailers bring in the biggest brands and learn what products are selling best. They […]

What is a Closeout? Why is a Closeout a Closeout?

The whole principle of this website and what I do is built around closeouts and excess inventory. But what exactly is a closeout? And what makes closeout merchandise considered a “closeout”? There are many different types of closeouts, and the short answer to the question is that closeout merchandise is deeply discounted merchandise. The merchandise could […]

Closeout Buyers vs Closeout Brokers – The Difference

There are two types of closeout companies, Closeout Buyers and Closeout Brokers. The difference between buyers and brokers is extremely important to you as a product manufacturer or brand. Closeout Buyers MAC Wholesale is a closeout buyer. A Closeout buyer makes offers to buy your merchandise, pick up the goods, and bring the goods to the […]